Office / multimedia use, student, gaming, video or photo editing

Our guide :

Computers have become essential in our daily lives and that is why it is essential to choose them well!
Before choosing the characteristics depending on your user profile, you must first make sure to the quality of the reconditioning and the guarantee of your product . That's why MediaMonster runs a strict refurbishing process to provide you with premium refurbished computers. with a 3-year hardware warranty!
Now let's move on to choosing your pc by taking an overview of the different components to consider.
Let's start with the non-modifiable or difficult-to-modify components:
It is absolutely necessary to choose them appropriately because precisely "not or difficult to modify".

1°The size of the screen:
Majority use at home and favoring visual comfort = 15.6" or more
Intermediate between mobility and visual comfort = 13.3-14"
Highly mobile use = 12.5"
2° The resolution of the screen:
The higher the resolution, the finer the image. For daily use, an HD resolution is sufficient; for photo or video applications, at least Full HD.
3° The quality of the frame:
A solid chassis will allow you to have a computer that is more durable, quieter and does not heat up. If you often transport your computer, solidity is even more important. This is why Mediamonster only offers the professional ranges which have high quality frames.

4° The processor:
For versatile use, an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor is recommended. However , if you use powerful programs an i7 processor is to be preferred .

5°The connectors:
Consider how many USB ports you need, a built-in ID card reader or an HDMI output?

6°The graphics card:
For everyday use, an integrated graphics card will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you are into gaming, video editing or 3D modeling, you will need to choose a dedicated graphics card.
Now for the easily modifiable components:
7° RAM
For comfortable use, 8Gb of RAM is ideal. However, if you prefer to open dozens of tabs in parallel or do gaming or video editing, then increasing the RAM is necessary.
8°SSD storage space
The most important thing is to choose an SSD storage technology that will guarantee you speed of tasks on your computer. As for storage, we do not necessarily recommend storing everything on your computer disk because it can be lost. The data is more important than your computer and therefore favor external storage.
Finally, we are often asked which brand of computer to choose? We answer that you should not choose a brand but rather a range.
Choose the following professional ranges which are more solid, efficient and durable than the supermarket ranges:
Hp: Gamme ProBook , EliteBook , ZBook
Dell: Gamme Latitude , Precision
Lenovo : Gamme ThinkPad
Fujitsu Siemens : Gamme LifeBook