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Here is our first article written when MediaMonster was born in 2014:

A Pro laptop VS A consumer laptop

What is a business laptop?

It's a machine that's made to run much longer than a consumer laptop. Indeed, these pro 's machines are made for example to run in offices where they often stay on all day.

This is why professionals use this kind of machines, so there are organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières or field workers who use them when they go to difficult terrain where protection against moisture, water and shocks are required.

Indeed, they are generally equipped with shells much more resistant to blows, shocks or liquid resistant keyboard systems, as well as quality internal components.

  • Price of the Pro in new
  • Industrial design
Advantages :
  • Reinforced shell and hinges
  • Matte screen
  • Reliability and longevity
  • Better ventilation and heat dissipation


So why are these laptops not frequently found via traditional media stores?

The answer is simple, the high price in new makes them unaffordable machines for individuals. That's where MediaMonster comes in.
Indeed, we recondition these professional machines from computer parks in order to offer them to the general public at the most competitive prices.

Refurbished Pro Notebook VS New Consumer Notebook

In order to answer in a simple and understandable way for all, we will answer this question by analogy to the automobile by asking ourselves the following question:

What would you choose between a new Renault and a 3-year-old Mercedes?

Objectively and based on quality and reliability, the majority of us would opt for the Mercedes.
It's the same with the comparison between new consumer laptops and refurbished pro laptops.

As mentioned earlier, these business laptops are capable of running for days on end, hence their much stronger designs. In contrast, consumer laptops are designed by manufacturers for daily use of up to a few hours a day, the goal being a planned unsustainability on the part of manufacturers.

Buying refurbished pro equipment also contributes to respect for the environment through the purchase of reconditioned and durable equipment.
On the other hand, thanks to our own workshop and a stock of spare parts, we are the only ones in Europe to guarantee our desktop and laptop PCs with a standard 3-year warranty. We are able to offer this service thanks to a large stock of spare parts and increased knowledge of our machines.



Our vision:

We offer maximum flexibility in the configuration of our machines to meet your real needs: (addition of RAM, higher capacity hard drive, SSD hard drive, keyboard change or operating system in any language, creation of a recovery disk and / or drivers,...)

If you do not know which machine to choose, contact us specifying your needs and the use for which the machine is intended, we will try to offer you the best possibility or possibilities so that it meets your needs.

We will also be happy to answer all your questions because we are passionate about our job and try to maximize the satisfaction of our customers by guaranteeing quality equipment and after-sales service.